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Saturday, February 18, 2012

NO Waholla Day:)

 So far, today has been a great day with no Waholla!!! No big problems:)  The gen was repaired last night, and believe or not....the power has been OK today:)  We started off the day by going to Jeremy's second tee ball game of the season.  I can't believe I didn't blog about his first game last week.  This is the third season he has played here in Lagos, and he is better than he has ever been. You can check out the pictures of his games over the last two years by clicking here and here.  The team started out with a team meeting to get the kiddos psyched up for the "big" game!!!  His coaches are doing an awesome job, and since he is in kindergarten this year, he is feeling like the "big" kid on the team.  At his school, the teams are divided by grade levels, and his team is made up of pre-k and kindergarten children.
up to bat!

rounding the bases...

and it's a home run...well, maybe not a "real" home run after all the kids on the other team were fighting over the the time they stopped arguing over the ball..Jeremy had run to home base!:)

after team meeting:)

 After the t ball game today, we headed on over to the G.Q. on Ikoyi and had a nice quiet time at the playground and the pool.  I can't say enough about the hamburgers there......THEY. ARE. AWESOME. and worth every penny of the eighteen dollars you pay for them!!!!!!!  Funny how the novelty of getting a great hamburger can lift the spirits here!!!:)
I don't remember if I have ever posted pictures of the lizards I see here everywhere.  But, I thought I'd take a picture of the one today who was eyeing our table while we were eating.  He (or she) wasn't scared of us at all.  It was about 10 inches long, and they are literally EVERYWHERE  around here.  I even tried to find out the name of this type of lizard a few times, but have had no luck, so I'll just call it the colorful lizard.:)  However, during my research of the name of this lizard, I did come across a web page for the Lekki Conservation Center. We have been out there before as you can see  here and here.  I thought the web page is worth checking out.  You never could end up in Lagos and have nothing to do!!!:)
 I hope your day today is a NO waholla day, too!!!  E kaasan!!:) 
p.s. To see a video of the future National Baseball League star...check out the video at the bottom of the post!:)

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  1. great blog..I think it is called a West African Rainbow Lizard or a Red headed Agama