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Friday, February 17, 2012

NOT my Best Side

So, tonight, I am sitting in my flat with my kids and Guy and we were just getting settled to watch a movie with the kids and then put them to bed so we could watch something also before we both pass out from exhaustion.  When, we got a call from security saying that the power would be going out so the generator could be serviced.  What the %$#@?????????? There wasn’t a better time to fix this &#@% thing????? A Friday night, really?????? So, now we are at the mercy of  NEPA which isn’t even called NEPA , by the way!  Let me just tell you that our UPSs no longer work and the batteries have been replaced twice in them and the power has gone off 7 times in the last hour and half. The Internet is spotty and I can see this from the window of my flat…..yes, that is a Nigerian worker who is “working” over there….

I don’t know, but, when I moved here, I really saw everything as something new and exciting. I still do see some new and exciting things here, but I don’t see things with the fresh eyes I used to have…and lately, things are just irritating me beyond belief. Today, I went down to get Jeremy from the bus , and Elizabeth and I got on the elevator which didn’t work and spit us right back out onto the 9th floor….we took the steps and then the power was out …AGAIN!!!!!! Ugh!!! When we got to the bottom, the steps were wet from being mopped and it was dark and I slipped and Elizabeth almost did.  The guard at the bottom floor said, “What’s wrong, Madame? The lift is working.” I couldn’t even talk to him…I was so mad.  Has anyone ever gone down 9 flights of stairs with a three year old in flip flops who has dropped her new make up kit about 5 times along with way in the dark??? If you have, then you know my frustration…. Just FYI, when I was coming back up the steps, I could hear someone pushing the alarm in the elevator because they were stuck…poor things…..the security guards tell us to push the button for help but they don’t have any kind of tool to even open the doors.  My friend last year had to pry the doors open with her bare hands ( I am NOT kidding!!!!!)…something I could never do. Oh, and did i mention that there is NO air flow in the are completely sweating by the time you take it down from the 9th floor.. and there is no cell phone service inside the lift either.  I think maybe the next time I need to take a bottle of wine with me so at least I can self medicate!:) Who knows how long I could be stuck in there!

I don’t know, but lately, I have lost my temper a few times over things I never would have lost it over in the U.S, I feel like my patience here has worn thin after more than 2 and half years.  I really wish I could say that it has gotten easier to live here, but I think you just know what to expect and then get pissed off anyway…but that could just be because the power has gone off two more times since I just wrote about in the last paragraph…

Anyway, if anyone is even still reading this post, thanks for letting me vent!!!  I know this attitude is not reflecting my best side right now…but on a positive note…the power just came back on again after the 12th time of going off since 7:30!!! The bad news is that Guy just got a call and was told that the crew working on the gen couldn’t fix it , but the “good news” is there is another crew who “ thinks” they can fix it………heaven help us!!!!!!

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