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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Monkeys, Peacocks, Tortoises... and garbage?

I have been behind on posting the pictures I took this past Saturday. We met some friends out at the Lekki Conservation center. We had heard about this place from several people as a nice place to take the kids to see some animals. Jeremy was pretty excited and was wondering which animals he would see. I have to say that it was really a neat place for the kids. The whole area is covered in small wooden bridges which are raised up a little from the ground. Before we even got on any of the bridges, we saw a few peacocks. Elizabeth saw them and immediately exclaimed ,"Chin chins!!!!" ( interpreted as chickens) After our friends arrived, we walked on the wooden walkways and saw a tortoise and some monkeys in the trees. We never did see any alligators even though the people who run the conservation center swear they are there. I was just beginning to feel like we were really taking the kids to somewhere else other than Nigeria when I saw the giant tortoise walk over to a huge pile of garbage and start eating. I was shocked back into reality. It is "so Nigeria" to have such a pretty place and then have trash dumped right in the middle. But, the kids didn't even notice the trash pile...they were too buy petting a giant tortoise.:) As Jeremy said, "How cool was that?"

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