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Sunday, February 19, 2012


Nigerian Dancers
Last night, was the annual Small World event here in Lagos. This organization is made up of all women who come together to raise money for various charities in Nigeria. It has been going for 17 years now, and has given money to over 160 Nigerian charities.  Last night, they reported earning over 42,000,000 naira for charity  (about 257,000 U.S. dollars!!!) That money is then divided equally among about 34 charities who are sponsored by different countries participating in Small World.  I helped out with this event a few years ago on the decorations committee, you can check it out here and here.  I have never lived in a country where I have experienced so much need. Sometimes, the need I see each and every day out of the windows of my car or flat feels overwhelming.  How can anyone help so many people???  That's when I realized that I can't help everyone I see, but I can focus my time and energy into different organizations.  During my time here in Lagos, I gave blood sweat and tears to Small world 2010.  After that year, I decided that o would like to help by buying tickets and showing up.:)  Don't get me wrong, the hard work was worth it knowing I was helping put together something great for Nigerian charities...but there is a reason why even the chairperson for Small world only has her job for one is just too much to do!!! Only here, have I experienced being around so many people from all parts of the globe... ( I didn't bring my good camera...but you get the idea, dancers from different countries perform on a huge stage.)
Ibero America

South Africa






While we were walking out, I had to have Guy snap a quick picture of me and the "Small World Lady"...I am not sure, but I think she may have remembered me....we have a lot of memories together from 2010:)

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