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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Few Surprises

This morning, I got up and then went to get the kids up for school.  Jeremy was not that happy.....he has never really been a morning person.:) ( kind of takes after his mom!) so, that was no surprise for me.  But when I gave Elizabeth a kiss to wake her up this morning, she said,"Mommy, your breath smells like poison!"  OK, I have to admit....I know my breath in the morning doesn't smell like roses...but I never thought it was poison! ( Not to mention, I have no idea where she even heard that word.) So, I was really surprised before I started bursting out laughing.:)
 Then, I went downstairs to take Elizabeth to school, and I was still surprised to see this...

This garbage truck has been stuck here on our compound for three days, and no one has come to remove is just sitting there, and our drivers can't get around the building.  Wait a minute....maybe I shouldn't be so surprised...where am I again???? Oh yeah....Nigeria!:)

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