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Sunday, October 16, 2011


 This weekend was a busy one...we Guy unpacked our shipment and put it all away.  Thank goodness for his great packing skills!  Of course, the kids had fun with the boxes.:)
 Then, there are the hawks who are continually circling our building and landing on the balcony outside of Jeremy's room.  I really can't believe how big their wingspan is!!
Then, it was girl's night out with a friend for her birthday!:)

Picture from the restaurant.  I couldn't believe that I could see the moon here.:)
 On Saturday, we were up early for Jeremy's soccer game , and then we went with some friends to the Lekki Conservation Center.  There aren't really too many places to take the kids to explore nature here, but this place is pretty nice.  This area has been left to grow with its natural vegetation.  There are different animals to see also...
shedded snake skin

not sure if peacocks are native to Nigeria??

Lizards are:)

not sure about tortoises either...
 The kids were really excited to see the tortoises.  They have actually dug a nest in the dirt and one of them sits on the eggs while the other stands guard outside the nest...

 They loved to be able to feed the tortoise and watch him eat...but we made sure to stay a safe distance away.:)
The peacocks came over looking for food too

walking along the boardwalk through the conservation center

The monkeys were literally swinging from the trees.  I was able to get a picture of this one, but the others were up in the trees.  It was a little eerie because you could here the trees rustling and something jumping, but you couldn't see them.  They followed us along the boardwalk watching what we were doing.
 Then, the skies opened up, and I think all the rain in the world fell on us.:) We were SOAKED!!! But, the kids were great about it and loved walking through the rain.  The adults absorbed some of that energy and found that it was pretty enjoyable to watch the rain from a shelter we found along the way.  It did help that none of the kids were upset!:)
But, one did have to potty!:)
It was a great weekend spent with a great husband, great kids and great friends.  There is one thing to say for was busy!!:)

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