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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Just Another Holiday:)

This weekend is a Muslim holiday weekend here in Nigeria.  It is Mohammad's birthday, and Muslims all over the world  are observing this holiday. The kids have Monday and Tuesday off from school.  Although we are not Muslim, we are taking advantage of this time to spend some fun time together with each other and with our friends.  We ventured over to Ikoyi yesterday for some fun time with our friends at the American Guest Quarters. I need to do some more research on the "GQ" but as far as I can tell it was a part of the American Consulate.  Americans and people working for American companies can become members and after a year's long wait on a waiting list, we are members now.:)  Funny how it takes living here to find access to another swimming pool something to be on a waiting list for!!!:) ( and okay, the burgers are great.,....and totally worth the $18 U.S. dollars you pay for them!!!!)
Guy and Jeremy:)

kids loved playing in the shower:)

This is totally off the subject, but has one lived here to long when my daughter comes to me and says, " Mommy,look!!  I made a really nice zed!"? ( Zed is the British way of saying the letter"z").  The teacher in me has to wonder!!!:)

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