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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Two Sides of the Ocean

On one side of the ocean, the last few days of our visit to the U.S. for the summer came into its final days.  I got to go on one last trip to Meijer, one last stop at Steak and Shake, the kids had that one last time to catch fire flies in the back yard, and we got to have that one last hug and tearful good bye at the airport.  It's funny when your head knows you'll be back again and you'll see your loved ones soon, but your heart just pulls and leaves that empty hollow feeling inside when you have to leave.  I guess that's a tug of war that has always been inside of me...

We had a great last few days at my aunt and Uncle's home in Michigan.  Thank you, Aunt Mary and Uncle Dave!!! We had a great time and have so many memories to tuck away into our hearts!:) 

Jeremy helping Aunt Mary water flowers

the only pic of Mary and me together (by Jeremy)

Jeremy and Olivia:)

One last swim in almost no humidity!!!

warming up with Aunt Mary

 Now, I'm on the other side of the ocean sifting through my bags and trying not to think of everyone I miss on the other side of the ocean.  The kids and I were so happy to see Guy at the airport.....we are soooo lucky he is a husband who will take the time to come out on the two (or more) hour bus ride to the Lagos airport to greet us ( It is a God send after a 12 hour trans-Atlantic flight with two kids by myself!!)  He even found someone to help me out to get our 5  fifty pound bags of loot we brought back to Nigeria with us.:)   When we got back to our looked a little different.  Over the summer, Guy moved us into our new place so our old place could go under renovation. ( I have to admit...the compound we were in before was getting a little tired looking).  But, I don't know what's worse.....tired or PURPLE???

Living room and dining room...gotta love the purple trim around the windows!:)

Living room

lovely view of Victoria Island ( ocean in the distance)

the saving grace....a dishwasher!!!!!

for all my European friends...a European size oven!!!  we won't be roasting a turkey in that oven!

our hallway....with a fridge and freezer because the kitchen is too small to fit them!!! 

Guy converted one of the bathrooms into a storage room!!!  I am glad I married an engineer!!!

Jeremy's room....yep...that's him sleeping getting over the jet lag:)
It seems since I arrived back here on Thursday night, I have been sorting through our bags and trying to find out where I should put everything.  Guy and Happiness did such a great job of putting things away and unpacking, but I am a little out of my "type A" element with not knowing where everything is.:)  I guess while I am on my scavenger hunt, it will help me get through the "blues" I am feeling being on the other side of the ocean from everyone again.  To all of our family and friends we visited over this summer, know we love you all and will miss you until we get to see you again on your side of the ocean!:)

  Now, I really have to do something about that purple....that is going to drive me crazy!!!:)

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  1. Don't sort...just rest and get over your jetlag. I bet you won't even see purple once you get your sleep! LOVE