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Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Alien Defenders

 My entire life, I have been a girly girl.  I loved dressing up and make-up and princess stories.  I never really cared too much for action figures or super heroes  (except for my brief crush on Luke Skywalker......give me a break...I was seven!!)  Anyway, I never really cared about any of that until I had a super hero- loving son.   Last year, he wanted a Spider man party, and I have to admit, I actually learned about the villains and "good guys" from Spider man.  This year, it was all about Ben 10 and the alien defenders.  For those of you who may not know Ben 10, he is a high school kid who has a magic watch called an omnitrex which he can use to turn into different alien defenders to fight the "bad " aliens who try to invade earth.  That's the technical version, but for Jeremy, Ben 10 is his passion right now.:)  Our party day started off with "Jet Ray" and Spider Monkey" getting ready to go to the movies with some other "defender friends". 

Jet ray and Spider Monkey

kids couldn't wait to get into the movie theater

Guy and Oscar had to help open the theater...only in Nigeria!!!

Despite a minor power outage before the movie began, all the kids  were able to get tickets and popcorn before the movie started:)

You may be thinking that we went to see a Ben 10 movie...and that would have been absolutely perfect if there had been one out right now....but it wasn't.  We went to see "The Smurfs" and the kids loved it.  That's what Jeremy wanted for his birthday, for his friends to go to the movies with him and then have a Ben 10 birthday.:)

When we got home, there was face painting...

Pinning of omnitrexes on Ben 10...

There was even an "evil" alien who had come into the house and froze some of the alien defenders!!!!  The kids had to work hard to unfreeze the "good guys"...

There were flying saucers to make for the alien defenders to fly out and save the universe...
 And of course, there was cake:)

Jeremy licking his cupcake decoration "Echo Echo"

cute flying saucers:)
 Presents were opened...

And, kids came down from "sugar highs"...

Never in a million years did I ever think i would know who "Spidermonkey" and "Big Chill" are

Before Jeremy went to bed tonight, he told both Guy and me that his birthday party was " the best party ever!"  Of course that warms my heart.  I am sure there won't be too many more years when he thinks my home-made decorating and party games are "cool".  But, I do know that with each passing year, I will continue to grow and become interested in what he wants to know about.  After all, my life would be pretty boring without knowing about Jet Ray, Humoungosaur, Chromastone, Swampfire, Spidermonkey...... Okay, I am going to stop now...this is just too crazy that I am able to recite all of those names!!!:)  We had a great party for Jeremy and we can't wait to see what next year's party will be!!!:)


  1. looks like another great party! y'all are the best party "throwers". Haven't posted lately due to "hacking" problems but think we have them solved now that we are back in Deutchland and the banks have all been notified! Miss you! Love-K

  2. Happy birthday Jeremy! We miss y'all and everyone else from the old group!