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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Older and Wiser???

There is an old school of thought which says that one's entire life has prepared him for the road ahead...and now I think I understand why I moved so much throughout my entire life.  I was preparing for the "gypsi" life I would be leading during the winters and summers away from Lagos.  I am an expert on knowing what is in all of my bags ( just don't ask me exactly which one something is in...I know it has to be in one of them!!!) Trying to keep track of all of Jeremy's gifts he has received from our friends and family has almost turned into a full-time job!  I can't believe all of the little things which can come off of Transformers!!!!  But, aside from the packing and unpacking we have done through out our 9 weeks in the states so far this summer, I think another characteristic of a gypsy which has become apparent to me is the ability for the kids and I to feel at home wherever we have visited.:)

This last week has been full of lots of full -on family time with aunts, uncle, cousins, and Grandpa.  Add in lots of swimming, firefly catching, ice cream eating, beach going, carousel riding, and of course the annual summer birthday bash...and we have had another wonderful week enjoying our summer.:) 
Grandpa's backyard

Aunt Mary and Lizzy in Grandpa's pool

Too much sun!!!

Loving the ice cream

Birthday get together

playing Badminton with Brian and Michael

Birthday cake for all the summer Birthdays ( and anniversary)

opening presents

so many summer birthdays

catching fireflies

yes, this is me yesterday on my 35th birthday....a little tired:)

riding the carousel in St. Joseph

Aunt Mary and Lizzy

Jeremy and Mary

Jeremy at beach in St. Joseph, MI

So, this past week has been another crazy busy week for the kids and me. And, somewhere in the middle of it, I turned another year older!!! We have done lots of things with our great family.  I feel like I am trying to soak them all in so I can have a piece of them with me when I leave to go back to Lagos next week.  I try hard to keep busy and get involved in things while we are in Lagos, but I do so much miss all of my friends and family when I am away.  I know that all good times have to come to an end and they can't last forever. I used to think that it was the amount of time I spent with my family is what made a difference...but I realize now that it is truly the quality of time that is what helps to build the memories I will cherish.  That is something which has become even more apparent to me on this trip back. Maybe along with age I am getting a little wiser ( all of my friends who are laughing at that..I can hear you!!!!!) I prefer not to think I am getting older...only wiser with each passing year....and this last year was a great one.  I can't wait to see what next year has in store!!!:)

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