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Tuesday, May 31, 2011


What could be more crazy than trying to get ready to leave Lagos for two months this summer with two small children to pack for a 24 hour trip ( including layovers and bus ride to the Lagos airport) back home you may ask?? ( Yeah,I know you didn't, but I'll tell you anyway! ha ha)  Trying to pack to leave for two months, and packing and organizing for a move to another building here in Lagos!!!!  All while trying to keep a cold at bay.:)  Yep, that's my life right now.:)  If any of you are thinking about coming on over to visit...we'll be pretty easy to's the only purple building on Victoria Island!!!:)  Fatai made the understatement of the year last week.  He said," Madame, that color is not common." ( In case you're wondering, we have to move from our compound to a new one while some renovations are done to the current one.)
We call it the Barney building...can you see why??!!!

The first time Elizabeth saw this building, she said," It's a pretty purple building, for me???"  Well, I guess least that is where we will be living when the kids and I come back from our summer trip in August.:)  Thank you to my wonderful husband for moving everything over while we are gone.:)

How else would you expect Nigerians to move things?? On their heads of course.:)

Starting to pack for our trip out on Friday

 I have started to pack some things on my own before the movers come to move us over to the Barney, this is what my hallway looks like now...
 and my living room...
I know that this craziness will pass soon...but why does it feel like it lasts so long while you're in it???:)

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  1. So happy you left me a comment so I could come here and take a peek. I love your life! Purple paint and all. :)