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Monday, August 22, 2011

The Drama Queen of the Drama Room

She's back in the place where she feels most like herself ( other than her room in the glamorous purple building!).  She has complete freedom of expression...and let me tell you...every kind of expression is welcome in this special place.:)

Yep, it was Lizzy's first day of school and she is definitely the drama queen of the drama room!!:)


  1. hi meredith,
    one more question about lagos...
    my husband is flying out to nigeria tomorrow to find us a home and schools for the kids. do you know of any preschools you would recommend? our son will be in pre-k (a.k.a. reception by the international school system) and we want him to be in a loving, play-based environment. i thought you would be the perfect person to ask since you were a kindergarten teacher.
    or do most pre-schools exist within larger schools with multiple grades?

  2. Hi Asha, there are a few options besides the British, American and Lagos Prep schools who offer pre-school. There is the american parent's cooperative playcenter on Ikoyi. I don't know exactly what age your son is , but they accept children through 4 and a half. you will need to fill out an application ...and of course like everything here in Lagos...there is a waiting list...but Americans get priority. There is also Ikoyi nursery school on Ikoyi. Your husband may be able to check it out. I am not sure exactly where it is, or what ages the children can be, but I have heard good things about it as well. those may be options to explore. I hope your husband has a safe trip! m:)

  3. okay, excellent, thanks! btw, by british school, do you mean lekki british? is that considered a good school? they may have spots for us.

    i have to laugh that you suggested ikoyi nursery...that's my husband's alma mater! he graduated from there in the '70's and still speaks of it fondly. he lived in lagos until he was 6 but apparently things were very different then. good to know some things haven't changed.

    thanks again,