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Monday, August 8, 2011

Smile Because it Happened

The kids and I are entering into our final days of our trip back to the U.S. for the summer and I really , truly, honestly don't know where in the world the last 10 weeks have gone!  I mean I know we have been traveling around this country visiting every single one of our dear family and friends...but the time slipped through every laugh, hug and smile we all shared...

I'll miss:

watching my kids catch fireflies in the backyard

pretending like each backyard we were in was actually our backyard ( I forgot how much I miss having a yard!!)

grass ( do you see a common theme so far??)

wine happy hours with my mom

the Baileys' Night caps with my Dad

late night talks with my aunt over our Kahlua and decaf

the wine Happy Hours with my friends ( do you see another theme here?)

laughing with my family and friends in person ( not over the phone)

actual hugs from my family and friends

stores that are fully stocked and clean!!

watching my kids make great memories doing the same things I did when I was little...

Visiting with Aunt Barbara and Aunt Linda

Aunt Barbara Uncle Frank

Checkers with Great Grandpa

Today I did feel that familiar sadness of knowing I was going to be packing up in a few days...weighing bags....purging out things I really didn't need to make room for weight in bags for things I really need to bring back to Nigeria...and having to say that dog gone dreaded "g word"!!!  But, then, I saw this out the back window of my aunt's house....

And how could I help but smile.  It had rained this afternoon, but after every rain comes a beautiful rainbow.  And after every good bye comes another time I get to come back again.:)   I remembered a quote I heard a few weeks ago:  "Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened."
So, with that, I am going to smile because of all the special moments and memories we have had with our family and friends this summer.  I probably won't be on the blog again until after we land on Thursday in Lagos. ( I am going to try to soak up every last moment while I am still in the states with family). I hope all of you can find a reason to smile today, too.:)

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  1. Love the quote! I'll give you some grass and wine when you come to our house in a "few" weeks. Just remember it is just all one big adventure!!!