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Saturday, August 20, 2011

You Know you're back in Lagos when...

This past week was my first full week back in Lagos and as often happens, I go through a check list in my head which goes something like this..." I know I'm back in Lagos when..." So I thought I'd share a few of those moments with you.

You know you're back in Lagos when your steak and sausage comes out of a suitcase!

You know you're back in Lagos when you see a man walking down the street carrying a picnic table umbrella like an actual umbrella.

You know you're back in Lagos when the power goes off randomly more than 7 times in one day.

You know you're back in Lagos when your fridge and freezer are in the hallway.

 You know you're back in Lagos when one of your bathrooms becomes your storage you like the toilet under the shelving???:)

You know you're back in Lagos when your son's birthday presents come out of the suitcase you brought back with you.:) 
Lego Batman

omnitrex from Ben favorite super hero!!

dressed up like Ben 10

and a Wii....probably more a gift for the whole family!!!:)

You know you're back in Lagos when you are passed by a speeding truck full of live chickens going to the market.

You know you're back in Lagos when you drive on the road, and as you're driving you almost feel like you are getting carsick from all the potholes and dips in the road.  Yep, I drove the kids over to our other compound today ( thought I shouldn't try to take a picture of myself doing that...both hands on the wheel was much more safe) so they could play on a playground...our new place doesn't have anywhere for the kids to run and play...but I will include a disclaimer about me was a Saturday heavy traffic ...and it is literally about a quarter of a mile down the street from where we live...but I did have to dodge a few okadas.:)

So, that about sums up most of the the things I noticed being back in Nigeria this week...I thought about adding the random men peeing on the side of the road...but thought....naw...I think I have posted plenty about that already...and I guess I just did again!:)

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