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Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Glimpse

I was looking out my window today after eating lunch taking a few calming breaths after getting my tantrum throwing precocious strong-willed three year old down for a desperately needed nap.  As I was looking out the window,. i thought I should share with you what I can see out of my window.  These pictures were all taken within about 5's just a glimpse of what is right outside my new flat... 
this is not a usual sight here...usually the horses are so frail they can hardly walk

okada drivers waiting for customers

new office building going up right next store and the dirt road doesn't look bumpy...but you wouldn't believe what   a wild ride it is!!!

Compound right across the street.  Happiness told me a Nigerian owns it.  If you look carefully, you can count 7 cars
woman selling something

canal behind our building....yuck!!

I think I know why Lagos is so can't find a trash can to save your life!!!
There's a glimpse of what I see out my window everyday.  It's strange that I feel like I had to adjust to being back here after being gone, but at the same time, things also feel so familiar...

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