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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

'Tis the Season of the Long Watermelon

Tonight, I was washing the dishes after the hand...for the " I lost count" time since living in Lagos. ( I decided to "treat" myself to using the dishwasher on the weekends. We only brought 40 dishwasher tablets with us, and those won't last me the whole until my shipment comes's gonna be a date with the sink on weeknights.)  The power went out ( again).  That's what happens when your primary source of power is a generator...I guess the generator at our new place has a lot more "hiccups" than our old place.  But, I know I have gotten really used to living here when i continued to scrub the the dark...without skipping a beat.:)  It kind of brought a smile to my face as I thought about it.  Then, I thought of something else which made me smile...

Today, Happiness went shopping and brought home some watermelon.  As she set it down on the counter, my eyes popped open...I had never seen a watermelon that looked like this...

Happiness could see my eyes and she said, "What is wrong, Madame?"  I told her that I had never seen a watermelon like that before.  She smiled and said "Madame, it is the season of the long watermelon."  I looked at her and said, " I had no idea there was such a season." Then she laughed harder.  She said, "July, August, and September is the season for the long watermelon. The round watermelon's season is before that." Then, I had to smile...I had no idea there were any other seasons in Nigeria than rainy and dry.:)  Just when I was thinking I was getting too used to this place, I really can learn something new everyday.:)

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  1. I will have to be on the lookout for long watermelons during my next shopping trip. Welcome back to town! Do you remember exchanging e-mails with me at the start of summer? I am a fellow ex-pat blogger and was given your name by a mutual friend. Since we wrote, I have spotted your purple "Barney" building many times as we cross the Falomo Bridge. Just learned this morning that all my children have been accepted at AISL so we start tomorrow. Hope to meet you in person soon!