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Friday, July 29, 2011

Lazy Summer Days

These past few weeks, if have taken a break from blogging to enjoy some time with good friends and some hot very hot sweltering boiling days in Illinois, Texas and Michigan.  The kids and I are on our 8th week of our third annual summer tour of the U.S.A. Guy popped in for weeks 6 and 7 and is off now on a fishing trip with a good friend. I have to say that after four states and six plane rides ( alone with the kids)  it can make for one tired girl...but to be able to see all of our great friends and family is so worth it!!!! I miss all of you!!! You are all what helps me remember that friendship and family don't know what physical distance is the days I am in Nigeria feeling so far away from everyone.:)  Since I have been away from the blog for so long...I am going to let the pictures do most of the explaining about what we have been up to lately... 
probably not the best idea to go on a hike in Houston after a huge rainstorm
Jack ( my God son) would agree:)

five house ...four days....everyone survived and was happy!!:)

lunch with God Mother , Amy

Guy and new baby, George

God Mother, Emmy, and Lizzy:)

trying out snorkeling in MI

Lizzy is thinking about it:)

wearing sun hats from Amy

ice cream on a hot day

Lizzy was wired!!!

showing off his muscles!!!

Jeremy and Great Grandpa

lining up hockey pucks to dry...don't ask....

playing rings in the backyard in MI

having fun with cousin, Michael

found Ghana Baskets in Watervliet, MI!!!!

lunch with my Aunt Ronnie in Paw Paw, MI

So, maybe these past weeks haven't been what some people would call  "lazy"...they have been more like crazy for the kids and me...but I wouldn't have it any other way.  My heart is thoroughly blessed to have my family and friends so dear to me.  The fact that my husband supports me to take the kids all over to see their family and our dear friends also means so much to me...thank you for getting my craziness and understanding my need to see all of my dear ones.  Our summer tour isn't quite done yet, though...we still have about two more weeks before we board our plane back to Lagos...some ask my secret to travelling with two small children by myself ...this is my recipe:

2  3 cups of patience

1 cup of understanding

2 cups of love

a dash of innovative thinking in a sticky situation

4 5 cups of coffee a day

2-3 glasses of wine per day ( add more as needed)

and Voila!!!! there is your recipe for surviving a 10 week tour of the U.S. alone with your children!!!:)

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