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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Spidey Time

This week was a really difficult week in Nigeria for me...maybe the hardest week so far since I have been living here....but the good news is that it did get better. Partly because of the news of the flight attendant who lost it and grabbed a few beers and went down the emergency slide ( at least I knew that things were also crazy in the U.S. and it really made me laugh) and because of Jeremy's Spiderman birthday party. He is really into Spiderman right now even though we really haven't watched the movies. He is into the superheroes and defeating the "Bad guys". So, there was no other option than to have a Spiderman Birthday party. Jeremy doesn't officially turn five until the 18th...but all of the little spidermen had a great time rounding up the "bad guys" at the party. We played "Pin Spiderman on the web, we made webs to catch the "bad guys";we made Spiderman masks, a villain walk...and the all time favorite...wrap up the "bad guy" ( which I found on the web). The kids had to draw from a paper bag, and if they drew the villain, the others on their team got to wrap them up with toilet paper. I never knew that four rolls of toilet paper could be so much fun at a birthday party. Of course there was pizza and french fries, and you couldn't have a birthday without cake and ice cream.:) The kids had a ball and I have to say that Guy and I had a great time seeing the kids have fun. Especially Elizabeth who repeatedly wanted to a "bad guy" and get wrapped up in the toilet paper.:)

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