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Monday, May 2, 2011

What is Marula?

This weekend has been a busy one, and I wasn't able to get on the blog.  But, today is a holiday here in Lagos called "Worker's Day" which is similar to the Labor day celebrated in the U.S.  It is a government holiday which was officially declared by the Nigerian Government on Friday. (Nothing like waiting until the last minute!).  So, today, I am able to catch up on some things.  Guy has the day off, and the kids are home, but there is something about knowing that you have a "free" day to try to relax and get some things done around the house.:)

I have been meaning to write about Amarula, my new favorite drink.:) ( Next to wine, of course!)  It is a little bit like Bailey's, but I think it is actually better!  It is one of the biggest exports from South Africa, and it is made from fruit from the marula tree.  ( Here is another link to some pictures of the marula tree, just click here)  Who knew I would find out some really interesting facts about the marula fruit?

1)  The marula fruit belongs to the mango family.

2)  The marula tree grows in the southern part of Africa (Botswana, Zimbabwe, and South Africa)

3)  The marula fruit is used to make jams and jellies.

4) The Zulu tribe of South Africa crush and boil the seeds from the marula fruit and then skim the oil and use it for massage oils.

5)  The Venda tribe of South Africa uses the oil from the seeds to preserve meat.

6)  The marula fruit is usually ready in South Africa's spring and early summertime.  Many of the animals enjoy the fruit especially the elephants.  It has been given the nickname "The Elephant Tree".  There was a story I had heard that the elephants actually ate so much of the marula that they become intoxicated from rotten marula fruit on the ground(which had fermented), but after some research, I have found that not to be true.:)  It was just one of the tall tales which people have passed around. (But, it is still believed by many people!)

All of the interesting things I learned after discovering this drink were great...but I have to say I just really like to drink it.  So, you see, you can have a fantastic drink and learn something at the same time!:)


  1. Humm interesting and what does this trinket say? Amaruia?

  2. Bring some with you next may be better than antibiotics.

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