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Monday, May 9, 2011

A Storm is Brewing....

I believe that the dry season has come to an end.  I have to say that the storms I see here in Lagos are more powerful than any rain storms I saw while living in New Orleans and Houston.  I thought those were big storms...but when the sky opened up today I thought it was going to fall down around us.  The thunder was so loud and it sounded like there were hurricane winds outside my door.  It came on so quickly...

View from my kitchen before the storm

Here are a few videos from the storm from my back balcony and the balcony off of my kitchen.  I couldn't believe how heavy the wind and rain were.  I really don't think I have been here for a storm quite like this...
There are basically two seasons here in Lagos....the rainy season and the dry season (dry season being from October through March and the rainy season being from April through September).  Since we are almost right on the equator, the temperature is about the same all the time, and the sun rises and sets at about the same time every day also.  If you want to know why the hurricanes are so bad once they hit the U.S. you just have to see a regular thunderstorm in Lagos. The west coast of Africa is where all the hurricanes generate.   In Happiness' words," We ( meaning Africans) send our greetings across the ocean."  How is that for a "how do you do"???:)

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