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Friday, May 13, 2011

A Little Known Fact

I wanted to write this post because I think that Nigeria gets a bad rap many times in the world news.  I was riding in the car today and saw something I see everyday...Nigerian women hard at work.

 I wrote a post a few months back about The Nigerian Woman.  I see so many Nigerian women on the streets each and every day truing to earn their money.  Sometimes, I think the rest of the world may get the impression that Nigeria is full of people kidnapping and the government full of corruption.  Of course, some of that may be true...but there is another side of Nigeria.  There are hard- working people here who are just as hard working as people in the U.S. They care just as much for their families as people all over the world.  I wanted to share a few pictures of the women I saw out today....

This takes talent!!

This woman is off to sell her fruit

This woman refills plastic bottles with drinks to sell.

I am always amazed at how strong Nigerian women are (Happiness being one of them!).  They are expected to do much of the manual labor here, be a mother, provider, good daughter, good sister, good wife, and friend.  I had to share this side of Nigeria with you...sometimes, after talking with people and reading what is reported in the news and papers,  I think that having hard-working people in Nigeria is a little known fact.:)


  1. My husband is from Nigeria and he's been concentrating on building his houses that side. I can see one of these days he'll ask me of we should live there for a while. My worry would be work. I am an independent skills development consultant and am very worried about business opportunities. Do you have any idea as to how I can start making enquiries?

  2. wendy, I am really not sure about finding out about opportunities for work for you. You may want to check out the site called it is a good site which lists tons of businesses in the Lagos area and maybe it could point you in the right direction of a contact. Sorry I can't help you out more! m:)