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Friday, May 6, 2011

300 Percent

I am feeling three hundred percent better than I felt last night.  I am happy to report that my mom does not  have a blood clot and my uncle  seems to be making improvements in his responses to various stimuli.  He still hasn't regained consciousness but he is doing so much better than he was yesterday....we will just have to wait and see what tomorrow brings...

Speaking of three hundred percent...
 I just had to buy this oatmeal when  I was at Goodies a few weeks ago.  I realized that I am dangerously low on my instant oatmeal supply I brought in the shipment.  I really love it and it makes me feel like I am back in the states to have it for breakfast.:)  ( Corny, I know!) I bought it, and then put it in the pantry and forgot about it (like I tend to do with a lot of things....%$#! that malarone!!))  This morning, it was like discovering a hidden treasure when I walked into my pantry and saw it staring right at me.:) So, I decided I should really try it ...and it was actually pretty tasty!:)  I was standing at the counter eating it when I looked at the box...I mean I really looked at the box and saw that it was one dollar....
One dollar in the U.S., that is.  I looked at the price tag and saw that it actually cost me 590 naira which is almost 4 U.S. dollars.  It is literally a three hundred percent mark up.:)  I know they say that the best things in life are free.  But, sometimes the little things that make you feel like you are at home are worth the extra three hundred percent!:)

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  1. Oh that is very sweet...I hope you savor every spoonful. I also tried to buy something online, shoes and bag which were coming to R1400 (&208) but after customs and shipping they were $684. i couldn't ignore the 300 mark up.:(