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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Deep Breath

I woke up this morning thinking of my mom who is back in the hospital...(deep breath)

I walked into the kitchen and pushed the button on the coffee machine...(deep breath)

I listened to my daughter cry scream that she didn't want to wear either one of the dresses I picked out today...(deep breath)

Sat with my son as he cried that he missed his dad (who also left for a week today)...(deep breath)

Walked back into the kitchen to get a much needed cup of coffee and realized that I never plugged the #@%! thing in...(deep breath)

Put english muffins in the toaster and went back to search daughter's wardrobe for the "perfect dress"... (deep breath)

Got in another argument with daughter over dress to wear and heard the fire alarm go off in the kitchen because I forgot to pop up the english muffins.....#@&! the Nigerian toaster we have....(deep breath)

Cleaned out toaster and stood on counter to turn off fire alarm...(deep breath)

Put in new english muffins and set the timer and went back to crying screaming daughter to find something to wear...(deep breath)

Got a cup of coffee and got kids fed, dressed and wrestled to get teeth brushed...(deep breath)

Walked out the door at 8:10 with both kids, back packs, and lunches...(deep breath)

Came back inside the flat at 8:12 because son had meltdown because he forgot to get a toy to play with in the car...(deep breath)

Got both kids buckled into car at 8:15 and headed to school...(deep breath)

Sat in traffic on Falomo Bridge...(deep breath)

Dropped daughter off at school...(deep breath)

Got back in car to drop son off at school and looked out window....(huge belly laugh!)

I am sure this poor woman needed more than a "deep breath" to hike whatever this is up onto her head.  I guess the old saying is true....there is always someone else who has it worse than you!!!  This post is for all of you awesome moms who I know will definitely understand this post!!!  (p.s. Sorry the picture isn't that great....she had already walked past the car when I got back in...but I did the best I could to get a good shot with my tiny camera.)  I hope this brings a smile to your face, too.:)

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  1. I bet she took a ton of deep breaths! Fun post! Hope your day got better!