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Saturday, April 30, 2011


Today was a day that sparkle and magic were in the air.:)  Some of you who know me may also know just how much I would wear a tiara everyday if it was socially acceptable.  I love to read about kings and queens and princes and princesses.  I love to read fairy tales to my children and see their eyes light up with wonder.:)  Yes, and sometimes, I do wish Elizabeth had adult size dress up dresses so I could dress up right along with her. (Yes, I can hear you all laughing!!!!) So, if you are not interested in a frivolous post about royalty in another country, you should probably stop reading right now...

However, if you are a little like me, you will totally understand my excitement about today.  I have to start with saying that I was in kindergarten when Princess Diana and Prince Charles were married.  I still do remember seeing snippets of their wedding replayed on television all those years ago.  So, you can imagine my excitement at the wedding of Prince William and Kate!!!!
 It was so nice of them to have their wedding on the same day and time as our monthly spouses coffee!!!!  Wouldn't you know it??? Lagos and London are in the same time zone!!!:)
 Yes, these are grown women all crowding around a television to watch the wedding!:)
 Yes, that is even a wedding cake!!!:)
Maybe it is the fairy tale; maybe it is the magic of a prince getting married,; maybe it is the appeal of the history of the monarchy in England; maybe it is the escape from all the tragedy and turmoil the world is going through lately. Whatever it was, it turned me right back into the five year old girl who watched a prince and princess get married almost 30 years ago!!!  And you know what, I think I saw that same sparkle in the other ladies eyes, too.:)

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