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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Watch Out!!!

If you choose to drive in Lagos, you are literally deciding to put your life into everyone else's hands ( or wheels) around you.  It is amazing how the cars can get within a millimeter of another car and NOT hit it!!!  The sounds of the horns blaring and sirens wailing all the's enough to make even an experienced driver lose their mind!!!

gridlocked traffic at one of the roundabouts

slow moving traffic on the Falomo Bridge

Sometimes, the drivers overestimate their millimeters and actually do hit another car.  I saw two accidents just today.  One at the roundabout where a car tried to go around a minivan when there was a split second before the minivan stepped on the gas. and another one down Awolowo road where a car tried to get in front of a bus and scraped the entire side of the bus.  I wanted to take pictures, but was a little nervous in case someone took offense and then I would be stuck in traffic with angry motorists wanting my camera.  Just like in another post where I talked about no one in Nigeria wanting to wait in line, let's just say that people here wait even less time when they are in a car...

Maybe it's the driving classes which are available...

Would you take a class from this driving instructor??

The name of this one was interesting

So, does this mean that the first born just didn't make it....or worse..had too many accidents???:)  I don't know, but based on the driving I've seen and the places where driving instruction is offered...I am perfectly fine with leaving the driving to Fatai.  Now that I think of it...maybe I need to find out where he went to learn to drive.:)


  1. Oh my, so how do you get around. This sounds terrible and I still have to find my way there. Oh lord.

  2. Wendy, I don't drive myself around Lagos, we have a driver we have hired to do our driving. If you do come here, I recommend that you hire a driver to take you around.:)