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Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Today, I went out to the beach school with members from the Ishahayi Beach School Foundation to see how the school was running and drop off a few supplies...

A boy from the village carried a box of colored pencils to the school for us

leftover coconut shells in a pile
One of the projects today was to add a few more books to the library which we set up on our last visit out to the school in March.:)
Books are color coded...this one is for Primary 1

primary 2

more books

grade level guide for coding of books

I am happy to say that the library is getting a lot of use from the students and the teachers.  The last visit when we showed them how to use a library, they were so excited.:) It is always a good feeling when you feel like you have helped someone.:)

This little guy wouldn't smile no matter what I said!:)

lunch time!:)

Too cute!!!!

Beautiful faces!!!!
 Every time I come out to the school, I always have a good feeling knowing that Lady Salami is doing the best she can to give the students who attend her school the best education she and the other teachers can give them.  I am always humbled at the same time by their spirits.  They always greet us with huge smiles, and at the same time, they don't have what we would consider modern conveniences.  I cannot imagine having to draw drinking water several times a day from a well, and this is part of their daily lives...
Two children from the school carrying a bucket of water to the school.

The well where they use the buckets to draw the water.

It is so easy for me to get caught up in my own life here of getting upset when the power goes off or the fact that I am running out of Goldfish crackers for the kids ( which is reaching a definite code red emergency with only 1/4 bag left to last me two and a half weeks 'til we travel again!).  Here in this village, things are very simple.  When I come here, I see a woman who started a school from virtually nothing, and she now has over 100 students.  Many of these children will probably never leave the area of this village and they will be perfectly happy with that.  In this respect, I am so thankful that I have had the chance to experience this part of the world and see what people can do with virtually nothing given to them.  Many times, people  especially in developed nations including myself) fill their lives with so many material things, and here in this small village, people don't have those material things.  But, something remarkable happens!!!!! They still have smiles on their faces and the children still have things to keep them busy (yes, even without a DS!) .:)   One of the main things which keep these children busy is football.:) ( or soccer...depending where you are from.)

It is really remarkable to watch these children play football in the sand in bare feet and kicking the ball and running all over in the scorching African sun...but they are happy.

Living in Nigeria can definitely have its challenges...BUT, every now and then, you get to see a glimpse of hope and happiness.:)  That is what I saw today, and I just had to share it with all of you.:)

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