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Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Whenever I come back to Lagos after being gone for a while, I usually expect to see certain things when I come back...
Man sleeping on side of road

Garbage men loading trash into garbage truck with old tarp

giant sea horse decoration in the middle of a roundabout

Okay, so that isn't really expected, but finding something odd here really doesn't surprise me much anymore.:)
Okada drivers waiting to give people rides

But the one thing I didn't expect today was for Guy to come home with a package from a friend from Houston.:) Usually, I know when to expect a package for a birthday or Christmas, etc.  My friends usually let me know when something is coming. But, I wasn't aware of anything coming in the mail.  I was so surprised by what Candice sent to me...
Reusable baggies
She read my blog when I first arrived in Lagos in July 2009 before my shipment came and I couldn't find Zip Loc baggies anywhere.  She said she had always thought about that and now she makes reusable baggies!:)  They are so cute!! You can wash them just like washing clothes or just wipe out the inside with a clean cloth if you need them sooner.:)
outside is cloth and inside lining is vinyl

On a day when I thought I knew what to expect, I have to say I wasn't expecting such a sweet gift.:)  Thank you Candice!!!  That was so sweet , and what a great idea!!! Why can't I think of things like that!!??:)


  1. Hi Meredith! Nigeria is so much like India, and the only way is to grow better, bigger :). Your gift sure is cute and so thoughtful of your friend.

  2. You're so welcome Meredith! The way you did this post was so cool! I enjoy your blog so much!!! Your vacation to Germany made me want to go Christmas!!! I love that we can live vicariously through our friends with the internet!!!