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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sweet Memories

Ago! ( Hello!) Ekaasan! ( Good afternoon!) We made it back to Lagos last night, and the governor elections are today. The streets are quiet again, and we are locked in the compound today. It was so nice to experience freedom to walk around and explore (not to mention try all the fantastic food, wine, and beer!) while we were in Germany.:)

  On Easter as we were walking to the park for the kids to have their goodie hunt, we spotted a restaurant with a little play yard, and Jeremy was so excited.  He asked us if we could have dinner there that night.  So, we went back for dinner and the kids ran to the play yard before we could even sit down.  I looked at Guy and said, "Well, I guess they have a kids menu or they wouldn't have this play area." Sure enough , there was child friendly food.  And, I have to say it was the quietest dinner Guy and I had had together in a very long time.  The kids were totally entertained by the play area and the trains going by ( this was another restaurant along the railroad tracks), and Guy and I could enjoy a glass of wine and sit along the Rhine River for our last night in Germany.:)  

We were watching the kids play when Guy said, "Do you realize that tower is about 500 years old and our kids are playing right next to it?" I realized that it was an original tower along the city wall of Bacharach.  How cool is that?? A playground right next to a piece of history??:)

kids ran to play area before we could even sit down.:)

tower next to the play area

I will probably be in a little bit of a funk after being in such a wonderful, beautiful place with great food and so many things for the kids to enjoy.  But, we are left with sweet memories of visiting our friends in Stuttgart.:) ( Thanks again for such a great time!!!) and memories of our family enjoying Germany together.  If anyone is thinking of a vacation in Europe and you have small children...I would definitely recommend Germany.:)   Of course, Germany is great even if you don't have kids!:)

Okay, more unpacking to do ....and more memories to think of about our lovely time in Germany.:)

Kids' souvenirs of Germany.:)  Promptly named Rapunzel and Eugene:)

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  1. You will make it thru the next few weeks as you readjust. I am sure Nigeria makes you appreciate all of life outside of the compound even more. That is the gift living there is giving you! Miss you! Love-Kirstin