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Friday, April 22, 2011

Shop 'Til You Drop

One of the drawbacks of living in Lagos is that part of your time away from there is spent preparing to go back.  On Monday, we went shopping for clothes, shoes and miscellaneous household items we needed.  Yesterday, we had to go shopping for meat and cheese and other groceries we need to bring back in our suitcases.  The lady who runs the hotel we are staying in was kind enough to offer up her freezer for us to freeze all of the meat and cheeses we need to bring back.  Since the stores are closed on Good Friday, and they will be madhouses on Saturday with everyone preparing for Easter, we thought we should go on Thursday.  We found out about a great grocery store a few towns, back in the car we went.:)

Castle on a hilltop while driving to grocery store
 I love, love, love driving through this part of just never know when a castle will pop up on a hilltop.:)
 This place, Globus, was absolutely really puts Super Wal-mart in a small class.  It was almost overwhelming going in here with shops everywhere...
 Eventually, we did find all the meat and cheese and other food we needed. ( I would have taken a picture of all the different foods in the store, but my batteries in my camera died.)  However, Globus had some and I was quickly able to replace them once we got back out to the car.:) And, voila, my camera was working again!:)
Picture from the parking lot

I love seeing these yellow fields of flowers from the road
 So, the next stop after all that shopping was, Mc Donald's , of course.  The kids did a great job of being patient while Guy and found all the things we needed in that "monster store".
Jeremy playing in the play area

Another castle on our drive home

After another very long nap we went down by the playground again.:) ( Good thing we didn't do anything really big today, when we got home, Jeremy had a fever.  Good thing I brought my American Tylenol and Motrin because you can't find anything like that here in Germany at any of the pharmacies.  I gave him some, and he was better after his nap)
Guy had to join them:)

 We had dinner at a cute little restaurant along one of the main streets in Bacharach.  I am proud to say that Elizabeth ate almost an entire bratwurst all by herself.:)  The lady who runs the restaurant even came out to bring the kids toys to play with while we ate there.  She explained that the train and giraffe were her son's, and he is now 32 years old.:)  Germans are so great with entertaining kids...I love it!!:)  The quote of the day went to Elizabeth after Guy ordered rabbit for dinner (No, I didn't order it,too).  Elizabeth looked across the table and said, "I want a rabbit, too!"
We took a walk down the street after dinner

Then, we ended the night with some ice cream.:) Today,we were off to Burg Rheinfels ( Rheinfels Castle) in St. Goar.  We actually just got back from the castle a little while ago.  The kids are taking a nap and I wanted to get on and do another post while things are still fresh in my memory.  I can't wait to share our castle experience with you later on. Tschuss!:)

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