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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Second Try

Today is the second try for the state assembly elections here in Nigeria. Last week, the election was cancelled because there were not enough ballots distributed at the polling stations, and this week, as of yesterday, there are still about 6 states that will not be voting for the state assembly today. However, the rest of the country should least I think they are!:) We'll find out later today.:) We are locked in today because the government has declared it a " no movement day" except for those who are going to vote. It is such a strange sound ( or , rather, a lack of sound) to be in Lagos and not hear a single horn honking outside the compound....
Some of the families on the compound thought we would have the kids go on an egg hunt to occupy some of the time the kids were locked in the compound. They had a great time looking everywhere on the playground for the eggs.:)

Of course , their favorite part of the hunt was actually getting to sit down and open up the eggs to find their treasures.:) It was fun to see the kids having a great time getting ready for the Easter Holiday. I know we are in a different country...but it is always nice when you can also have the old familiar feeling of things you did before you moved there.:)


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  2. Hi Anjali, it is nice to "meet" you.:) i will send you and email...i have to say life here in Lagos is say the least.:)

  3. Thank you Meredith! Nice to meet you too. Awaiting your mail

  4. Have removed my first comment as it had mail id, we are now connected so...