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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

From Bye to Burgs (Castles)

Today was the day I always dread.  The months before you visit your friend seem to go by so slowly and then the time is there and it goes by too quickly. Today we had to say good bye to our dear friends in Stuttgart.  We had so much fun and they are a very important part of our lives.  We know we will see them again wherever they may be....we're friends for life.  But, it is always hard to say good bye not knowing exactly when you will see them again.  My German great-grandmother always said she would never say good bye...just  "Auf Wiedersehen".  Thank you so much Kirstin, Jason, Cooper and Karina for your warm welcome and good ole southern hospitality ( Their family moved to Germany from Alabama).  We will certainly miss you...but we'll see you again!:)
Jeremy, Cooper, and Karina saying good bye
 Jeremy and Lizzy also had to say good bye to Rocky, Kirstin's dog.  He is the sweetest, softest, most lovable, and well behaved dog ( next to Bernie ,of course).  And the kids just loved him.  It was so nice to see them play with another dog after losing Bernie in February...
The kids loved Rocky
 And, then, we were off again and headed to Bacharach, a small town along the Rhine River.  We drove and then stopped at a gas station to fill up the car and also our tummies.  Wouldn't you know that the gas stations in Germany are awesome and they even have playgrounds for the kids.:)
There are playgrounds all over! Even the gas stations:)

I had to take a picture of this.  I know it looks like just a regular road to you, but we are actually going about 100 miles an hour on the autobahn.  It was a crazy experience to go that fast and not worry about getting a speeding ticket!!!:)  ( My close friends know that I have a total lead foot!!!)
Guy drove on the autobahn.
 Later on, we came up to a bridge which crossed over the Rhine River....I had to take a picture of the sign...
About to cross the Rhine River...can you see the sign?
 Okay, I had no idea there was a town called Worms....although I am sure it probably isn't pronounced the same way.:)
I couldn't believe there was a town named Worms.:)

So many vineyards

Went through this town on a detour...

So cute....

when they sleep.:)
 Now, this was the most exciting part for me...this is when I turn into a five year old girl who wants to put on dress up clothes and a tiara ( yes, I guess I just wrote that!) but I couldn't believe it when I saw this old castle just sitting in the side of the mountain!!!!  I was so excited!!! This is what I came to Germany to see.:)

I saw my very first real castle!!!! 
Just when I was so excited about the first castle I saw..then, I saw another!!!
another castle!!!
 And another!
and another!!!
 And still another!!
And still another!!!
 I am so looking forward to touring some of the castles (burgs) in the next few days.:)  We did make it to the hotel and checked in.:)
Our Hotel

Buildings near our hotel

Lizzy pulling her bag to the hotel.:)
 After we got settled in the hotel, it was time to go out walking and sightseeing and find a place for dinner.:)
gorgeous church

Loved how this building looked.:)

 After dinner, we ended up the evening at , you guessed it...ANOTHER playground right on the Rhine River!!! It was a beautiful night...not too cold and the kids had a great time.  Before we headed back, we took a few pictures along the river...
Lizzy and Jeremy on the Rhine river
 Jeremy is really getting into taking pictures lately and he snapped this one of guy and me along the Rhine.:)  not too bad.:)  With all the news I read tonight about Nigeria, i am so glad we can be here while there is fighting there ( don't panic though...there isn't any fighting in LAgos...mostly Northern Nigeria as far as I know) but I am so thankful to have this peaceful time with my of course to go and see the castles.:)
Jeremy took this pic of us.:)

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