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Monday, April 18, 2011

Savoring Saturday

We started our day off in Rothenburg with breakfast at our hotel. I have to say Jeremy and Elizabeth were very excited that they do have Nutella in Germany.:)  Then, we headed to a few shops in Rothenburg...
The day before, Jeremy had told us he really wanted "the jumping jack man".  It kind of looks like the Nutcracker, but it has a string you pull to make the arms and legs go up and down like a jumping jack.  Guy took us to a place run by a lady named Annaelise.  It was such a cute shop and both kids got a "jumping jack" doll (as they called them).:)
Elizabeth also picked out a little German rag doll who she promptly named Rapunzel..and just in case you are, we haven't seen her yet.:)
I just loved walking through the streets and looking at all the old buildings with the beautiful archways.:)

Then we went into the GIANT Christmas store.  I am not kidding when I tell you that it is unlike anything I have ever seen or experienced before.  This store literally seemed to go on forever...Just when you thought you had seen everything, there was another room I had not gone in.  I was able to snap this picture of the kids with one of the displays until Guy saw a sign that there was not supposed to be any cameras....:)

This is the outside of the Christmas store...

Guy and I both started laughing when Jeremy ran out into the grass and said, "Yeah!!! Real grass...not fake grass like in Nigeria!!!!!"  They must have played and picked flowers (dandeliions) for at least 30 minutes and then, Guy and I had to tell them it was time to go.:)   Do you think they are missing a yard to play in???

Below are a few pictures I took of Rothenburg from the castle gardens...

Above, is an old chapel.
Guy showing off his travel "bible" from Rick Steves.:)

On Saturdays, there is a market which opens up in one of the squares.

Above are a few more pictures I took of the buildings before we left Rothenburg.  Does this not look like the roof of a gingerbread house????
Then, we headed back on the road to drive an hour and forty-five minutes to Stuttgart to see some dear friends of ours...

We met our friends, Kirstin and Jason almost six years ago in Guatemala City, Guatemala when we were on our visit trip to meet Jeremy for the first time.  They were adopting two children at the same time we were adopting Jeremy.  By chance ( or a miracle) they were on the same pick -up trip for Cooper and Karina that we were on to bring Jeremy home...and we have been friends ever since the first time we met them.:)
Guy bought a Weihnachtspyramide ( German Christmas Pyramid which turns around through the heat of burning candles) . Jason helped him put it together to make sure it worked.  I think they just wanted to build something.:)

We had such a good time visiting with our friends on Saturday.  It is so amazing to me that even though we don't see each other every day (or every year for that matter) there are friends in your life that you can see and pick right up where you left off.:)  We have seen Kirstin and Jason more outside the U.S. than in the U.S. but our friendship and bond that we have through our children can never be broken.  These are the moments which make life truly precious.:) These are the moments not to be rushed...but savored.:)

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