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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Memorable Monday

Yesterday, Kirstin took us to downtown Stuttgart to do some much needed shopping. We had thought about doing a little more sightseeing, but realized that we would probably be tied up in the stores trying to buy things from our long lists of things needed to take back to Lagos.:)  It was also nice to have our own personal tour guide/translator to come along with us.:)  I have to say that Guy and I aren't very good at German.  My extent with German was "geshundheit" after someone sneezes.:)  But, before we could head downtown, we needed to stop off at the recycling station near her house.  I can't believe how much Germans recycle. Kirstin was showing me the four different bins she has in her for compost, one for plastics, one for paper, and one for regular garbage.  She was telling me that the regular garbage only gets picked up once every three weeks!!!! And, it is one small isn't like the monster size garbage bins in the States....I would be fined so heavily in Germany for all the trash my family makes.  In addition to all that, she also has to take the glass bottles to their proper bins...sorted by green, white and brown glass.  Do you think she had a lot of wine bottles when I visited????  Of course!!!:)
brown glass
white glass

green glass
 Then, it was time to head downtown.  It was really a beautiful day and we walked through downtown Stuttgart while she showed us around.  The highlights of our day were H&M, C&A , and Muller.  They were all great stores and I think we were able to get everything we needed with Kirstin's help.:) Thanks so much!!:)
Kirstin taking us to "stock up" on things to bring back to Nigeria

Jeremy loved this!
 Of course, we had to stop and play near the fountain again!:)
playing in the fountain

"I don't need any help!!"
 Jeremy and Elizabeth were real troopers with us today...and they were too excited to get their own bag of chips shaped like teddy bears.:)
a reward for a day of shopping.:)

 When we got home, it was play time with their friends and a glass of wine with my friend.:)  Sorry Kirstin for all the empty wine bottles I left you with, but it sure was fun talking and relaxing in your charming backyard.:)
Playing with Cooper

It was the perfect end to a great day with our friends.:)

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  1. You won't get any wine next time if you keep taking "butt shots" of me with your camera and posting them:) Miss you already!