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Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Little Things

Living in another country can be hard sometimes for many different reasons. Sometimes it' s the distance; sometimes it's the frustration of not being able to do things the way you are used to; sometimes it's trying to communicate; and sometimes, it just comes down to not having the things around you that you really like and make you comfortable. Thank goodness, our family has found a few things here in Nigeria that really make us feel better even when we are far away from home.:)
When I take the kids outside to play, they love to get the leaves from the elephant ear plant and use them as umbrellas to play pretend. They do this all the time, but yesterday was the first picture I took of Jeremy with a leaf.:)
Another "little thing" the kids love to do when we go down to the playground on the compound is walk around the coconut trees and look for "baby" coconuts which may have fallen. Don't ask me why, but this is one of those things that really makes them happy.:) ( I am sure that tune will take a drastic turn in the opposite direction if any of those coconuts actually fall on their heads!)
For me, I have found a place here on Victoria Island which sells chocolate croissants ( imported from France) which they bake fresh in their oven here ( for only 150 naira!!!). ( And, if I want, I can buy the croissants (or any french bread dough they sell), bring it home and freeze it and bake it whenever I want!!! And, they also sell great French wine!!!! L'epicerie is another one of those "hidden gems" I have discovered here in Lagos....and the only one so far which has combined my love of french baked goods along with great wine!!! Yeah...this is one of those "little things" for me that helps make me feel better while I am living here.:)
And for Guy, the Apple TV is his thing.:) When he can watch his seasons of "Deadliest Catch" and "Top Gear"...he is pretty happy. I also have to say that the Apple TV has definitely helped to make it feel a little more connected back home:)

I guess no matter where you live, you always have the things you know you like. It is a good feeling, though, to know that you can always find little things to make you happy no matter where you are.:)

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  1. Hi there, Meredith!
    Imagine my surprise stumbling across your blog. Zachary saw the pictures of the kids and said "Hey there's Elizabeth!". Glad you are settling back in, we'll stay posted by reading your blog, and will look you up whenever we are in the Houston area.

    Best regards,
    Zina (Zachs mom @ Playcenter)