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Saturday, January 1, 2011

What is Telegraph Hill???

Happy New Year to you all!!!:) On Thursday ( I started this post on Friday and then didn't get to finish it until today), Guy and I went into San Francisco while my parents watched the kids for us for the day. ( Thanks Mom and Dad). I was all set to go and see Alcatraz ( I have wanted to go there for a long time...not to be an inmate..ha ha) until Guy found out that all the tickets were sold out for tours for that he came up with a back up plan..."Let's go to Telegraph Hill."he said. What is telegraph hill??, you may ask....well...come along with us and I'll show you what we saw.:) Above is a picture of me in front of the ferry building in downtown San Francisco.

Inside the ferry building, I couldn't believe that I saw Ghana baskets being sold in a gardening shop for about 80 U.S. dollars....I can get them in Nigeria for about 10 dollars....mental note...perk number 1 about living in can get cheap Ghana baskets.:)

There were a ton of baskets at the shop...I couldn't believe it!!!

Of course, no day out away from the kids would be complete without going wine tasting while I am out here in great wine country.:)

I really must drink a ton of wine since they named a valley after me!!!:)
(Salinas Valley)

Oh, yes...I still need to hike up to Telegraph hill!!!! At least I won't be able to feel my feet after all those glasses of wine!!!:)

So, Telegraph Hill is a tower which was built back in 1929 as a token of appreciation for the fire fighters of San Francisco. It is called Telegraph Hill because it was the first place where telegraph wires were received in the later 1800's. Now, it is an eclectic neighborhood built around the tower. It is located at the top of a very tall and steep hill. There are many houses which are built into the hill and only one road that winds up the hill. Many of the houses are only accessible by steps.....I can't imagine bringing groceries up there every week!

At the top of the hill below the tower, you can see the Golden Gate bridge, close...yet so far away!

another picture of Alcatraz

Me at the top of the hill:)

Of course, we had to make the smooshed pennies for the kids...they love those.:)

On our way back down the hill...
Just some neat homes built in the hill....these could actually be accessed by cars....

Then, we were off to Chinatown. Everything was decorated for New Year's.

Last stop ...sushi in Chinatown.:) After Guy found himself just the right green tea pot...we stopped and had sushi at a really neat place with little boats floating by with sushi on them...
It was a great end to a great kids...much needed time with my husband...lots of wine...and sushi! ... and I found out about Telegraph Hill.:)

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