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Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Since I am going to be traveling back to Lagos next Saturday, I thought I should get back into the mindset of living there. Ekaasan is Yoruba and means "Good Afternoon". So, good afternoon to all of you! Another one of my goals for this year is to learn more of the Yoruba language while I am in Nigeria. I have been inspired by a friend who has just moved overseas and is learning a completely different language since she is in a place where English is not the first language. I have learned a little bit of Yoruba...but not as much as I want to learn since I have been able to get by with English.
A third goal I have set for myself this year is to finally get Elizabeth trained to poop in the toilet. We have the number one I am rooting for the number two!!! I have been trying all the different tricks of the trade...but to no avail! I was really hoping that since it is 1/11/11 that would mean a lucky day , and there would not be a nice present in her undies...but alas, I could not have been more wrong!!! UGH!!!! She is definitely a two year old....and stubborn as a bull. I have no idea where she gets that trait! ( ha ha) So, I have found an other form of positive reinforcement that i am hoping she will work for!( She is a girly girl all the way and loves any kind of make up) My dad keeps telling me it is a bribe. I keep telling him that when I was teaching, I always used "positive reinforcement" with the kids I taught. After all, I told him, who really ever does something for nothing. Even kids have that figured out. But, my "positive reinforcement" didn't work out today....maybe tomorrow! I need to find out how to say " Go poo poo in the toilet." in Yoruba. Maybe that is the magic ticket to getting this toddler fully trained!!:)


  1. It is not easy, but Elizabeth will use the potty when she is ready.

  2. Thanks is just so frustrating when she has gone on the potty a few times...she just doesn't want to do number two! I know you understand!:)

  3. Meredith....spend that energy somewhere else...she will not go to highschool going "poop" in her panties!! It will happen but don't wear yourself out. Children like she and Cooper do some things on their "own time". You are such a good mother and as good mothers know...."Positive Reinforcement is a MUST" Love today's blog!!!