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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Uncle Greg's Work Out and the Quotes of the Week

My brother and his lovely wife, Julia. came up from L.A. this past weekend to visit us. As you can see from the pictures my children became "Greg Magnets" and no longer needed me when he was around. GREG CAN YOU MOVE WITH US TO NIGERIA!!!??? It was so great having him here. The kids enjoyed both him and Julia. It was great for Julia and Greg to see how much work two little kids are...hopefully we didn't deter any plans for children in the future!!! ha ha

He did have a little time to relax....but, he was put to work helping to cook the turkey....

Jeremy wanted him to help make little felt pillows that he had seen on T.V. Greg was such a great sport. He traced and cut out Elizabeth's pillow. He told me it had been a LONG time since he had done and cutting and pasting.....but I think he did a great job.:)

He even went with us to the park and played with the kids...but he did take a short nap when we got back because the kids wore him out.:)

Thank you so much to Auntie Julia and Uncle Greg for coming up to visit us!!!:)

We love you!!! I can't believe my little brother is all grown up!!!:) You can see our cute pillows that Greg helped us make in the picture below.:)

Now, for the quotes of the week:
Jeremy: " Elizabeth, you don't screw it shove it!!!" ( When he was explaining how to put the cap back on the markers...I was relieved that he was talking about markers when I came in the kitchen from the other room.)
Elizabeth: She went into my mom's room the other morning and she asked my mom where Grandpa was. My mom told her " He went to work." Elizabeth said " Did he wear his jeanses?"( with a lisp). Mom told her " No, he wore his dress pants." Elizabeth said," He wore a dreth?" ( with a lisp and very confused). Never knew my dad wore a dress!!!!:)

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  1. Glad your brother was able to come spend time with y'all. Why did I think you were flying back last Saturday?