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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Love Letter, Lagniappe ( and Laughter)!

First, for the Love letter. I received this beautiful letter from Jeremy today. He is getting really good at sounding words out for himself and he gave this letter to me this morning because he said, " I love you so much!"
Now, for the lagniappe. Yesterday, the kids, my mom and myself all went to the mall so I could use a gift certificate for Victoria's Secret ( only for some comfy p.j.'s.....nothing x-rated here.):) By the way, Victoria's Swecret is not conducive to strollers either...I think I hit almost every panty table on on my way back to the comfy p.j. section. As I was walking to the back of the store, Elizabeth yells, " Look, mommy, all those little dresses....are they for me?" She was pointing over towards the wall, and when I saw what she was pointing at, I wanted to burst out laughing....but I didn't want to in front of her. She was pointing at all the little teddies hanging up. I told her, "Well, they do look like they are small enough to fit you, but they are for bigger ladies." She looked at me and was a little confused and then she laughed at me and said "You so silly mommy...those are for buy me one?" In my head I said " NOT ON YOUR LIFE!!!" but outside I said, " No, not today." It just wasn't the right time to start explaining all that to her.:)
Today, the kids and I went with my mom to her doctor's appointment for her leg ( it looks like she will need another hip surgery in the near future). The kids were really good while we were waiting for the surgeon to come back in the room. Meanwhile, a technician came in and took my mom for an x-ray. Not two minutes after my mom left the room ( I was reading a magazine...the kids were coloring...which never happens) Jeremy yells, " Mom, I think she's gonna do it!!!" I looked over in the corner and there was Elizabeth. She walked over to me and said " I pooped my pants." I just looked at her. As I was wishing I would have just broken down today and put her in pull ups...I asked her " Why did you do that?" She looked up at me and said " I dunno?" and put her hands up by her face. I wanted to keep a straight face but I just couldn't....I really don't think she knows.:) So, I was taking off her panties and put her pants back on her when I heard someone coming from outside in the hall. I quickly dumped the poop in a Zip Loc bag and put it in the garbage can. I put the panties in a Zip Loc for my diaper bag. ( Zip Locs are very handy to have on hand) As soon as I closed the trash can, mom and the tech came back in. My mom immediately looked at me and grabbed her nose when the tech turned around...she mouthed " Did she poop?" I said yes....she mouthed, " Where is it?" I pointed to the trash can. We both started laughing. After the tech left, I took the baggie and properly disposed of it in the bathroom.:) While we were still waiting for the doctor, we talked about Lagos and everything we would do when we got back. Elizabeth said very matter of factly, " Yeah, Jeremy has Legos....he plays with them." So, there you have it ....Lagos, Legos....barely a difference.:)
After the appointment, we took the kids to the park to play , and you guessed it, she did it again!!!! My mom and I just looked at each other and laughed. I guess that is a good life lesson...poop happens......and you just have to keep cleaning it up!!!:) Just remember to laugh alot while you are cleaning it up!:)

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