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Thursday, December 30, 2010

He Found Us!!!

So, he went to Lagos, then to Houston, then to Chicago and finally to Livermore, CA and he found us there!!! Yes, Santa made it to my parents' home!!! I wish I would have known that Santa was coming because I would have had my camera out before he arrived. The look on Jeremy's face was absolutely priceless!!!! He was so surprised. Elizabeth was a little scared...but was a little more accepting when she realized that he was pulling out really neat things for her from his bag of presents.:)
Jeremy posing for a quick pic with Santa Claus! Until next year!!!:) Thank you so much Santa!!!:)

My grandpa found a few gifts in the crawl space at his home. My grandma had gone shopping early this year and bought a few gifts for the kids before she passed away. It brought tears to my eyes, but it was also a really nice was like she was here with us. This is one of the gifts she bought for Jeremy before she passed away. Every year, she went to Hallmark ( her favorite store) and bought Jeremy an ornament for how old he was each Christmas. This year, I decorated the tree in Lagos and thought of her when I hung his 1-4 year ornaments on the tree and felt sad because there wouldn't be a fifth year ornament from my grandma this year. I couldn't be more wrong...what a wonderful gift!!! I know she is watching over guardian angel.:)
My parents gave us an AWESOME picture of the Palio..a race held in Siena, Italy each year. We went to Siena with them in April.:)
I think Jeremy got everything known to man that could be Spider man!!! Check out the webbing on these p.j.'s!!!!

Among tons of other presents, Lizzy got matching p.j.'s to go with her Bitty Baby.:) Nighty, night!!!:)

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  1. Wow...what an incredible Christmas. That is the meaning of TRUE GIFTS!