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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Lizzy's First Movie

Today, my mom, Jeremy and myself took Elizabeth to her very first movie ever in a movie theater! We went to see "Tangled", and it was great. I was a little nervous about her talking and getting up during the movie, so you can imagine how happy my heart felt when we walked into the theater and it was completely empty!!!! Yes, that's right...we had the entire theater to ourselves!!! She did great, though...and Jeremy even liked the movie as long as he had his Sprite and popcorn. I was so happy this experience went well. I LOVE to go to the movies and now I have another movie partner to go with me.:) She was so proud about going to the movies that when she came home, she said," That was a fun day!" I thought I'd snap a picture of her with her first movie ticket.:)


I am trying to remember things the kids have been saying since we have been back in the states....but since I haven't remembered to put them on the blog lately, I have forgotten some of them, but one happened when we were in Houston. Jeremy, Lizzy and I were walking around my friend's neighborhood in Houston. Jeremy was looking all around and he said, "Wow, Mommy.....they have mailboxes here!!!" He said it in such awe....I didn't want him to see me laugh. But, I realized that he hadn't been out to check the mail with me since we moved to Nigeria.....checking the mail is something I took for granted...but in Nigeria, we don't really get too much mail...and the little bit that we do get goes to Guy's we have no box to check.

Lizzy and Jeremy: The other night when Guy and I were out for our anniversary dinner, my mom and dad watched the kids for us. My dad put them to bed and he said, "Now, you are as snug as a bug in a rug." The kids started laughing at him. When we got home, Dad asked me if I had ever said "Snug as a bug in a rug." I told him I thought I had, but I really couldn't remember. Dad was pretty happy because he had taught them something new and made them laugh. So, fast forward to Monday morning and the kids woke up and ran into our room. Jeremy said, " You know what your daddy told us last night?" I said "What?" They both simultaneously said really loud " Snug as a bug in a butt!!!" and they started literally rolling on the floor laughing. I started laughing and so did Guy. I guess my dad did teach them something...just not what he thought he did.:)

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  1. I'm laughing so hard at today's blog! That is too funny. It is funny you talk about not getting much mail. I have noticed that too. We get very little mail here in Germany. Well, no mail. Love!