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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hot Tubs, Happiness, and Haircuts

The last few days have been busy here.:) my brother and his wife, Julia. came up from L.A. to visit us yesterday. The kids have been busy. We went in the hot tub, practiced tee ball ( to get ready for when we get back to Lagos), and last, but definitely not least, Elizabeth had her first hair cut.:) I needed to trim up the back...but I am not kidding when I say that all the hair you see in the pictures is all the hair she has had since she was born.:) Just wanted to do a quick post of what was happening over in this part of the world.:)


  1. Jeremy looks so old in the picture with your mother! Good luck with the flight back....we will see you soon!

  2. You cut her hair???? Poor Elizabeth! It will grow. I'm about to get Alex a REAL hair cut. We might donate some to E :-) Just remember A didn't have hair until almost four.