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Friday, September 4, 2009

What Will the Day Bring???

I took Elizabeth to the clinic on our compound today. She has had a very runny nose for a little over a week , and I wanted to make sure that she was not getting an ear infection. Good news..she is fine. But, the bad news started when we got back to the flat. I have to go back to yesterday. We received an e-mail that power would be cut off to our compound for about 6-8 hours on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Apparently, maintenance was going to be doing some work on a transformer. So, back to today when I got back from the clinic. Elizabeth and I got on the elevator and when the doors shut, I realized that there was no light in the elevator. I was a little scared but it did take us up to the seventh floor. I was relieved that I didn't have to lug my 17 month old up seven flights of stairs. When we got into the apartment, I saw that all the power was out. The flat already started to feel like it was getting hot. Happiness went on her break, and I got lunch ready for Elizabeth and myself. It really brought back memories of life after Hurricane Ike in Houston. I had to light the stove with a match. I am already used to not having a that was not a big deal. After I put Elizabeth down for a nap, I checked some e-mail ( our lap top was fully charged). I looked at the clock and realized that Happiness had not come back from her break yet. She is always on time. My cell phone started ringing. i answered it and it was Happiness. She was stuck on the elevator and had already called security to get her out. Apparently the generator that was running the elevators was not working. I was deciding whether or not to wake Elizabeth up from her nap to take her with me to pick Jeremy up from school when Happiness walked through the door of the flat. I was relieved that that problem was taken care of, but then Happiness saw another problem looming. "Madame, I must take Bernie out to go to the bathroom. She hasn't been out since earlier this morning." I then realized that Bernie couldn't walk back up seven flights of stairs. I wanted to call Fatai to carry her up the steps, but I couldn't because he is Muslim. Muslims will not touch dogs. Meanwhile , Happiness was outside on the balcony trying to get Bernice to go pee out there. I think we both knew that she wouldn't. I don't think I have ever seen a dog look so confused. So, I called Guy. He came home soon after that and carried Bernice up the seven flights of steps after she had gone to the bathroom. She never could have made it herself because her hind legs have arthritis in them. Thank goodness he was able to come home and help out. Thankfully, the power was back on by 5 o'clock p.m. so Guy didn't have to make another trek up seven flights with a 70 pound dog.:) I guess when you live in Nigeria, you never know what the day may bring. You just may have to carry a dog up seven flights of steps. I know Guy didn't expect that he would have to do that when he woke up this morning.:)

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