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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Nightmare in Dream Plaza

On Monday night, Happiness made her really good lasagna. As Guy, the kids, and I were eating, suddenly, Guy stopped chewing and preceeded to remove something from his mouth. When he looked at it, he discovered it was a broken nail. I have to say that was the last thing I thought I would ever see in lasagna. Apparently, when the person at the gorcery store ground the meat, a nail fell into the meat or the machine was breaking and a nail fell in???? Who knows??!!!! I told Happiness about it in the morning, and she was very mad at Dream Plaza ( the place she had purchased the meat). We had brought meat with us from the U.S., but we were told the ground beef was safe to buy here. So, those of you who are a little worried about us eating the meat over here, don't worry too much. Happiness is going to go after them. I wouldn't want to get in her way. She had me put the little nail in an envelope and she is going to take it to the store and tell them what happened.:) ( When Nigerians get angry, they are VERY loud and VERY expressive.) Dream Plaza sounds like such a nice and relaxing won't be such a happy place when Happiness is done them...they will feel like they have been in a nightmare!! ha ha!!

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