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Thursday, September 10, 2009

What a Pantry!

We have been really busy this week with running Jeremy to school and taking Elizabeth to playgroup. I found that this week i didn't have a good chance until now to sit down and write in my blog. Yesterday, the kids were really quiet and I couldn't hear them anywhere. i went into both of their bedrooms and could not find them. I called out their names,and i could hear some giggles coming from the kitchen. I walked into the kitchen and still didn't see them. Finally I went into the pantry and found both of them. They were just in there emptying out some plastic drawers we had food in, but they were having so much fun. i could help but post these pics of the two of them. It almost makes me want to be little again and see everything as an adventure.:) It really would have helped me out to think of shopping for food for a year was an adventure!

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