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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My Attempt at Yoruba

Okay, it went something like this. I got into the car yesterday, and I thought I would show Fatai some of the Yoruba phrases I "thought" I had learned.

me: "e ka le, Fatai"

Fatai: "Madame?"

me: "e ke le, Fatai."

Fatai: "Ma'am" ( a little more confused)

me: "e ke le, Fatai "(really loudly this time as if that would help him know what I was saying)

Fatai: a blank look

me: "Oh, alright...I was trying to say something in Yoruba." ( I pulled out my little book with some Yoruba phrases in it) I was trying to say "good evening".

Fatai: "Oh, yes, madame. That is what you said....i just didn't think you would speak Yoruba to me."

We both had to laugh.:) I am trying to learn some phrases in Yoruba (one of the tribes that is prevalent in Lagos). Good evening is pronounced eh-kah-lay and spelled e ke le. I just thought I would share that with all of you. Have a very good evening.:)

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