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Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Nigerian Mentality

When we went to the grocery store to buy meats and cheese to take back with us in our coolers to Lagos, I probably looked like a kid in a candy store. I was in a clean store that was fully stocked with items. There was not a chance of running out of things that we needed. It was so nice to look at things, even though everything was in dutch and recognize some brands I knew.:) laundry detergent was on our list of things to buy, so I went over right after we walked into the grocery store and picked up two large boxes. I was walking around the grocery store with Guy and the kids and my arms were starting to get tired of holding both the boxes. I told Guy how heavy they were and he just looked at me. Then, I realized it...I really had it...the Nigerian mentality. It has rubbed off on me. It is the mentality that if you don't take it, then, someone else will. But, I wasn't in Nigeria.:) So, I went back and put the boxes of detergent back on the shelf...and a miracle happened. When I went back before we checked out, they were still there!!!:)

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