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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Our African Art

Here are some pictures of our first piece of African art we have bought here in Nigeria. We purchased them from Happiness' husband, Nathaniel. He is an artist who works here in Lagos. The painting on the left is called "The Joy of Independence". He told us the inspiration for this painting came when he married Happiness. It is a celebration of being able to have your own rules and not having to listen to the rules your parents have given you any more. In this painting, the woman in the white skirt is the focal point. She is the bride. The rest of the villagers are celebrating because she has passed a test. In some very rural tribes in Nigeria, the chief will hang a live chicken around the neck of the woman who will be married. If the chicken lives, then it is a reaffirmation that she is a virgin and can get married. However, if the chicken dies, she is not a virgin ,and she is cast out of the village never to be married. Happiness assured me she didn't have to go through the "chicken test" when she was getting married.:)
The painting on the right is called "My Dream". This painting is supposed to represent the dream Nathaniel had of finding a woman who could stand in his place when he is not there. I am not too sure if I can see that in this painting or not, but Guy and I really liked it and it looks great in our hallway.:)

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