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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Couldn't Forget

In the craziness of getting ready for our trip, I forgot to post a picture from Guy's 36 th birthday on September 16.:) As always seems to happen in Nigeria, nothing ever seems to go the way you plan it. Guy really wanted Korean food for his birthday. I was able to locate a Korean restaurant here in Lagos by some small miracle. The kids and I went to get the food that night, and we were stuck in the worst traffic I have seen yet in Lagos. It took us almost two hours just to get to the restaurant, and I didn't bring any snacks with me for the kids because I didn't want to spoil their dinner. Well, I learned my lesson, and poor Fatai is lucky he still has his hearing after listening to Elizabeth scream in the car for almost the whole time we were sitting in gridlocked traffic ( for no apparent reason, I might add). But, the food was good and I think Guy was just happy to have us all together for his birthday.:)

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