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Friday, September 4, 2009

Just a suggestion

Yesterday, I was riding in the car with Fatai. We were waiting at a red stop light. As the light turned green, Fatai stepped on the gas. All of the sudden, an okada (motorcycle), barreled through the intersection right through a red light. Fatai immediately stepped on the brake and we were fine...but it was really close. I asked Fatai why that happened. He told me that the traffic lights are pretty new in Lagos, and not many people really follow them. I found that really interesting considering there are police at almost every major intersection...yet a lot of motorists don't really care what the signal is telling them to do (or the police for that matter). I started thinking about what would happen in Houston if we ran red lights.....yes....there are red light cameras! I started thinking about how much I hated red light cameras when we went right through an intersection at a red light. I looked at Fatai and his eyes were still on the road. I wasn't sure if he even noticed what he did. Then, I realized that maybe in Nigeria, traffic lights aren't really the law...they are just a suggestion.

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