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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Burning the Midnight Oil

There is a very special event that happens every year in Lagos which brings people from all different parts of the world together. This event is called Small World. It is an event which is put together by all women from different countries. This year, 27 different countries will be represented at Small World. Each country group decides on a charity it would like to support, and the money made from ticket sales of Small World is divided evenly among the countries to give to their respective charity. The whole event is very fun ( I have heard). Each country has a booth which they sell food native to that particular country. There are performances from several different countries on the main stage. This year is the 15th Small World event. When I heard about it, I really wanted to get involved with it and help to support the women who put it all together. I became part of the decorations committee for the event along with a lady I met through Jeremy's class at school. Little did we know how crazy it was going to get as the date for Small world is approaching (Feb. 20). We have had many late nights up painting country boards, menu boards, and sponsor boards, cutting fabric, measuring, wrapping, etc. i have been telling alot of my friends and family about it, and I thought I would show a few pictures of what we have been working on so far. Now you can see what it is we have been working on while I have been burning the midnight oil.:)

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